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New Surfactant from Ajinomoto North America, Inc. Specialty and Personal Care Division

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MILITE® is available in two versions : the glycine type, which is produced from glycine and natural fatty acids, and the alanine type, which is produced from alanine and natural fatty acids. AMILITE® 's main characteristic is its high foaming ability. It produces creamy, rich foam. It is notable for leaving the skin feeling fresh without making it feel taut. The glycine type exhibits a synergistic effect with fatty acids, consequently, yielding a higher quality of elasticity as well as volume of foam. This effect makes it most suitable for body washes and facial cleansing foams. The alanine type maintains high foaming ability even in the presence of oils such as silicon oil.
•Glycine and alanine, the main components of AMILITE®, are amino acids rich in human collagen and silk proteins, respectively.
•Creamy foams, which leave the skin feeling fresh.
•Due to the synergistic effect with fatty acids, volume maintenance and elasticity of the foam are improved.


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