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Since 1889 and our introduction of the first branded disinfectant, Lysol®, Schlke & Mayr has been a world leader in preservation and industrial hygiene. Our tradition of investment in research, practical application and high standards of manufacturing provide us with the expertise to service a wide variety of industries on an international scale.

euxyl® from schlke is a family of multi-component preservative systems that make formulating simpler. With a wide variety of preservative chemistries to choose from, there is a euxyl® product to meet almost any preservation need.

sensiva® from schlke is a line of unique preparations that boost preservative effectiveness and feels silky-smooth to the touch. These globally approved products open up a world of new possibilities for cosmetic formulations, to help you create better products.

Mild to the skin, sensiva® products are also proven effective in reducing body odor when used in personal care and deodorant products. At the same time, they act as fixatives, to keep fragrances in place. Your deodorant products help users stay fresher longer.

schlkes specialist expertise helps take the guesswork out of preservation. Our products meet the changing needs of cosmetic formulations. We make preservation simple. And with sensiva®, we also make freshness simple.