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Labels / Sleeves //

Heat Shrink

Packaging - Bottles, Cans, Jars //


Packaging - Closures, Caps //

Atomizer & Spray
Child Resistant

Packaging - Pumps, Sprayers //

Airless Pumps
Spray Pumps
Treatment Pumps

Packaging - Tubes //

Collapsible - Plastic


Glass Bottles and Jars-HDPE and PET bottles, Jars, Caps Sprayers & Pumps- Silkscreening, Hot Stamping and acid frosting
For over 25 years, we have been an integral part of the success of many companies in the personal care, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. When you select Alameda Packaging as your single source packaging partner, we can assist you in every step of the way in bringing your ideas and products to the marketplace. Once you have selected the container and other packaging components, we will work with you to blend in the creative concepts of graphic designers with the fine artistry and workmanship of available decorating services to deliver your desired image on a winning package.