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The Reach/GHS standards for assessment of new cosmetic ingredients and chemicals require in vitro testing; and the new standard for classification of chemicals under REACH regulations requires REACH acceptance of the test method used. InVitro International is excited to announce that the Ocular Irritection test method is such a testing method which accurately predicts the level of human eye irritation. Time proven Ocular Irritection has a 25+ year record of accurately predicting eye irritation, and now has been accepted by REACH as well as determined to be extremely useful according to new GHS standards. Under REACH and GHS regulations, whether using data alone, or weight of evidence reasoning, final labeling decisions will be on solid ground using Ocular Irritection test results.

Please contact InVitro International via , or in the U.S. and Canada telephone toll free 800-246-8487. Your testing needs will be completed quickly and at a lower cost using Ocular Irritection, thus resulting in a more rapid introduction of new products at a lower cost than was available previously. To learn more, call or email today for your information package.