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For more than 40+ years, the Beacon CMP Corporation has been the worldwide leader in the development and introduction of oat-derived ingredients for skin and hair. Oat-derived products are well known for their anti-pruritic skin protection, emollient and conditioning properties, as well as being substantive to hair and skin. Colloidal oatmeal, oat beta glucan, oat extracts and hydrolyzed oat protein derivatives find applications in cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals. They are high in beta glucan and avenanthamides. Oat-derivatives are considered Category I skin protectants, as well as meeting the USP Monograph for Colloidal Oatmeal. These products are all natural, safe and economical to use and environmentally acceptable. No animal testing has been conducted.

Please contact us for samples and descriptive literature which includes an extensive formulary, test results and a comprehensive bibliography. Our products are REACH exempt.

We are ISO 9000:2015 Certified as well as being a Minority & Veteran Owned Company